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hwang and commissioners in the past when there is a life safety issue dbi has been allowed to authorize work to take place to resolve the life safety issue. >> yes. >> so i think that authority already exists with dbi, if there is a concern about egress, they would have the authority to have that addressed even though the permit is suspended. >> okay. >> >> i am the project sponsor. as you noticed they jumped to the conclusion before you gave the vote. this is the mentality to rush of the tenant, to rush whoever is front of them. supervisor wiener asked can you help and i said sure. if you look at the screen over here, it shows the blower on top of the roof. that is a humungous blower, the blower we're using is a mushroom type. it's only 100-pounds, sitting on the metal going across the width of the building. so there would be no vibration. >> what are you showing us a picture of? >> the blower. >> some other blower. >> okay. we gave you an opportunity. >> and this is the construction -- this is the construction well that has to be removed. >> okay. >> i don't think --
director dbi the first project is the public portal. we've been closely working with the vendor and planning designing requirements. the vendor has been configuring as we define the requirements then we've been reviewing with staff, people that work the counters, people among the -- we're getting a lot of input on that. it's looking very good. the next step is we're forming a citizen access committee. we've already met the building and planning commission around plans for that. dbi and planning are in the process of nominating the members of that committee and we're expecting it to be about 16 people. the first meeting is being scheduled for january 30th. the plan is for this committee to do reviews of this system. about 1 to 2 hours a month for about 3 months ending sometime in april. and this would be a review rather than a user acceptance test. the other items are excella automation. so that's our internal staff product. we've got a lot going on. there's development in a lot of various statements, requirements, configuration, review, et cetera, and that includes the us
. are you here for this matter? is anyone from planning or dbi here? >> i don't believe so. >> i'm just curious to know how this happened. i mean i guess, from what i understand, when the plan was submitted the property line between the private and the city's property may not have accurate -- apparently did not accurately reflect reality and i know that it's not like a surveyer goes out for each and every planning application that's submited, but i was just curious to know how this happened. i know you are not necessarily in the best position because you are involved through the planning process or the dbi process that came to dpw because of this problem, but it seems like an odd situation. >> you are quite correct, supervisor wiener. it is a very odd situation because the inform we were provided initially from a 2010 survey showed the historic property line. okay, and what happened is again back in 2000 a portion of that was transferred, acquired and transferred to the city as right of way and that was not identified in the map. so it appears to be some form of error that happened
confidence that dbi is going to make sure that everything is done properly. dpw makes sure everything is level and that access happens. i want that to happen. it's got to happen. i mean it will only result in bad things for everybody here, whether it was the board that does anything or not. but i think what people need to recognize it's a public space. people can bring their cars into that space in order to pick up people and get their car out. they are not going to park it there. especially if you have to go to the hospital. so i find that just very basic, fundamental issue that needs to sort of resonate with you all. because it's not going to change whether we make a decision here or not today. that it goes with you or goes against you. unfortunately i think this process is being used in a way that will not get the appellants exactly what the appellants want or need and i have to have hope that the city agencies here to enforce the codes will do it properly and have hope when it's not being done or there are further violations that they will be there to respond. so other than that
the work based on your finding that the evidence as presented by dbi supports the director's order of abatement as i issued it? >> yes. that's correct. >> can i ask a point of information, if i may? is the motion that -- to issue a 30-day order of abatement? >> yes. >> and is that for agenda items 1 through 5? >> 1 through 5. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >> call a vote, sonya. >> is there any public comment on the item? >> none. >> seeing none, call the roll call. on the motion -- >> do you have a second? >> commissioner mel gar seconded it. president clench? >> yes. >> vice president mel gar? >> yes. >> commissioner lee? >> yes, i believe 30 days is fair because the type of violations left are not long and large items. we should be able to take care of it in 30* days, so, yes. >> commissioner mar? >> yes. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yes. >> commissioner mccray? >> yes. >> commissioner walker? >> yes. >> the motion carries and the order of abatement is upheld. * >> item d, general public comment. is there any general public comment on regarding the abatement appeals board? >>
[speaker not understood] by the huntington clinic. we work with -- we are funded with dbi to work with dbi inspectors and have issues with the tenderloin and south of market. what i'll do is briefly give the framework of what we do, and my coworker here is going to talk about specific issues in [speaker not understood] hotel and we have tenants who are going to address the issue. so, what we do is we have tenant outreach program. we have tenants who become [speaker not understood] and they do [speaker not understood], talk to tenants about tenant rights, how to address an issue. what we do is [speaker not understood] issue in one particular building, we try to have a tenant meeting where we can address the issue, we can figure out what are the different issues [speaker not understood]. we try to send a letter to the landlord and say, here, we found these issues. we would like you to work on these issues. we give them [speaker not understood], 7 days, 14 days to figure out how to work and receive any [speaker not understood] from the landlord to fix the issue. landlord or lessee to fix the
not understood] is here is because we are to actually leverage some of the work that dbi does. so, when we go into the buildings, we are able to resolve some of the issues between management and tenants. so, therefore, dbi inspectors don't need to spend a lot of time to get inspectors to come in. they can use that time to do another inspection with much more severe building. so, i think the whole -- and also what our role work, we have much more leverage between the tenants, getting to know them better and understanding what the specific issues are. like what was mentioned, they are short staffed. this program is designed for us to step in, resolve these issues as quick as possible, and then without even passing it to dbi's end. because of the state, we have many opportunities to work with the landlords, to work with the management. that's why we are with passing [speaker not understood] this case. not that we're not calling dbi in. it's the fact that we are given this opportunity to actually work with the tenants, to have a better understanding of the issue before we conduct the [speaker not
none. >> item 8, director's report, 8 a, update on dbi's finances. >> pamela levin, department of building inspection. i'm going to make this very quick. you have a report that has the documents that are up here so i'm going to do this very quickly. we are currently looking at having approximately 7 1/2 million at the end of the fiscal year. this is predicated on a similar type of hiring that we have been doing, in other words, we have a certain number of vacancies this year and we had originally expected to have a lot of them filled by january. we are off about a month for several of them because the testing is taking longer. so by the end of the year we expect to have some salary savings and we're making the assumption at this point that it's $2 million, but i'm hoping we will keep the pace and continue to have the participation of the human resources department in helping us do the various testing. i got a message today that the list for the building inspectors was adopted yesterday. i'm getting those messages that we are finally getting towards the end on a lot of the
of recreation and parks, phil ginsburg. dbi acting director huey signed an emergency order early letter this month when a fire caused sufficient structural damage to make the building an imminent public safety hazard. demolition is currently underway. bill pointed out to me a very interesting article in the front of the san francisco chronicle today is good to give you history on that. the fire department and one of the equipment manufacturers have donated new carbon monoxide detections and smoke detectors which dbi will give away to the public during our outreach event. we are delighted to give away these devices and assurance compliance with state law requiring their installation both in single family homes, and that's effective january 1, 2013, and multi family homes also. also we are having a modest get together, everybody should come, children and family members are welcome, it will be held tomorrow, december 20, after pm and take part in the joy and festivities. >> is there any public comment on the president's announcements? seeing none, item 3, general public comment. the bic
. additionally there are scripts being built in the system that specify dbi and planning requirements and those are being built and reviewed. there are many reports in the system. we've been prioritizing these reports and designing the specifications and identifying which ones the vendor will build, which ones we'll build internally. there are a number of system interfaces, including address, parcel, cashiering, et cetera. we are meeting with various different team members to define those requirements and document them. we have continued meetings with planning where we identify enterprise level processes, process improvement for what starts in planning, what starts in dbi, the hand offs between the two organizations and how we will work it with the new system. our next steps are we're in the process of putting fogt -- together a letter to invite the citizen access committee members to a meeting january 30. we will continue the development stages i explained for the excella automation and the excella public portal. we will complete the test cases and do the kick off with our staff. be glad
that the department of building inspection and went through planning. so we have got gone through the dpw, dbi approved the plans. we haven't quite got it all signed off because we were told to stop on it somewhere along the line when the dbi permit got approved. we did the load studies for the people coming and going and access and push bars and the keys. so it's pretty easy to walk in and out of the door, it works and it can be accessible, if it needs to be. i'm not sure how you would get a wheelchair in the building once it's in there, but it's not a problem. we have to do something with the grade there, but we haven't finished a lot of this stuff and somebody was talking about the structure. we haven't completed it because we were told to stop on it. which they are all pretty simple things to complete, the structure. i think it's a good thing for the building. it keeps them clean and safe and it's for our tenants and we have to provide a clean and quiet and safe place for our tenants, who are stuck in the middle there. i don't live there, but i do see the problems and know the cost it tak
, housing inspection division of dbi issued a notice of violation after inspection of this subject hood feature before you tonight. the construction of this hood and duct work in its existing location within a substandard light well and residential building where tenants are living results in substantial housing code violations. >> make sure there is a copy given to the permit-holder. >> december 3rd, two days ago. in addition, what we have learned from the review by the building inspection department is that the applicant submitted blatantly inaccurate plans that failed to show their residential level of occupancy in this boeing that was being impacted bit exhaust duct for this hood. the applicant concealed that the vent travels through a second floor light well and residential levels of occupancy that are occupied by tenants here with you tonight and who will be testifying. they failed to show a series of bedroom windows in front of which this duct feature was placed. we already have a substandard light well by placing this large duct feature in the middle of the light well the hous
neighborhood, which i represent, over the last three years housing inspection division of dbi have worked on a total of 24 cases regarding substandard living conditions at 245 leavenworth and apartment building whose residents have been forced to endure serious housing and health safety code violations. the tenants there had no heat, they experienced water damage, sewage leaks, rusted through stairs, electrical hazard, infestation, a broken elevator, problem floors, doors, windows, stoves, sinks, bath toilets, showers and aharm systems. the housing division cited 423 violations of the san francisco housing code in this one building and issued 20 notices of vielsz, 14 orders of abatement on the title of the property and fined the owners 42,800. this department took a leadership role by referring, supporting, and financing the litigation through the city attorney's office against the property owner which finally resulted in a settlement of $135,000 in civil penalties. and we also know that similarly that a similar instance like this happened also in district 10 and supervisor molina cohen's
. it is a mandatory system with a 4 tier system. we don't want to flood dbi with all these permits all at once. we want to be sure that people have time to implement this. it would have a mandatory year-long praus inspection process. if property owners are not subject to this there's an easy opt-out, it's not going to cost them a lot of money to demonstrate they don't have to comply. obviously we want a check and balance in there so nefarious owners don't skate by. the advantage of doing that, on soft story spaces you have either commercial spaces or parking on the first floor so this work can be done without displacing tenants. >> is there a discussion about helping commercial entities that might be displaced, that was one. things that came up. >> absolutely and that was a consideration. given my past experience working with commercial tenants, the types of seismic upgrades we're talking about can be limited, theoretically you can keep the space open. ideally our goal is not to displace any of these 10 amounts. these spaces have the equivalent of 7,000 employees. >> you said it's a year lon
to come in through dbi, see what's going on over there. also, we got some support from the police department. we received a cads on the address. we thought a compelling case would be having 40 citations on the address. turns out that the police had been called to the site 344 times over the last three years. so, hopefully it won't come to any of our houses 344 times in a year and if they're coming that often, something's going on. [speaker not understood], have a great meeting. >> thank you. next speaker, dan cheshire. >>> actually, i apologize if this is on the agenda. i don't think it is. i live on 14th street near church. i had heard there is a starbucks planned for the southwest corner of market and sanchez where there is sort of a kitchen supply company now. this is nuts. we have enough starbucks and we have pizza in the same block and pizza is much better than starbucks anyway. so, i just wanted to go on the record saying that. >> is there any additional general public comment? okay. seeing none, next item, please. >> commissioners, it will place you under your regular calen
this legislation, make sure that the managers, owners, dph, dbi and pest control companies responsible to fix this growing problem spreading throughout the united states and who else knows where? if this problem is not fixed, the world will be overrun by bed bugs. again, bed bugs do not discriminate. anyone can get them, rich, poor, dirty, clean. the bed bugs, they don't care. they just want to feed. >> thank you. [ applause ] next speaker. >> hi. my name is kathy galvez, i wanted to show people what it looks like to be attacked by bed bugs. see all of these marks here on my arm? let me see if i can turn it around so you can see. let me see where the camera is? >> we can see it. thank you. >> and i got them on my legs, my arms, my back and they hit me on my head. and i didn't know what to do so i notified management. they sent an email to the owners of and nothing has happened exempt i have been harassed since friday of last week. my slipping through the cracks part, your legislation is aimed at other than where i am living. i have been evicted from my house for 40 years and i'm living a
procedures and were approved for -- within dbi and planning. >> according to the project sponsor starting 2008 and they have a building permit in process. so, again, this is just one small element of the entire development which is the area in the public right of way, the driveway and the sidewalk area. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> colleagues, if there are no other questions, is there a motion on this item? supervisor wiener. >> i'm still confused about the notice thing. >> i am uncomfortable, it sounds like maybe dpw, we might have dropped the ball in terms of the noticing, if there's an error in reporting. i understand they got some special findings late in the game and in order for them to package it all up and bring to land use and complete the time lane that things were a little bit rushed. supervisor wiener, i don't think that's the normal standard of, from what i've seen working with dpw >> what i would say is the sponsor of the legislation is not here and neither is supervisor campos. my inclination would be, i would want them to weigh in on this, so my inclination would be t
was brought before us and this is a dbi issue that has to be properly dealt with by department of building inspection and in a consistent way and best practices so it's nots a hazard. then we get to the buildings on jackson and the views and again, views are not protected, but i understand your concerns. you bought it with a certain view and now it's going away. i would like to ask the project sponsor's architect a couple of questions regarding the floor to ceiling heights. now when they talk about 14.5'. is the 14.5' an interior height of the ceiling or the entire height of the new penthouse from the floor below it? >> it would be the latter. 14' from floor to floor. so you would take out the roof structure out of that number. so essentially it would be 12.5' ceiling within the space. >> okay. and that is something that we'll ask the other commissioners. again we're not protecting views, but if can we ameliorate the effect by taking a foot or two off, it still would be a very -- you do want to have -- you don't want a low ceiling in the penthouse obviously, but 10-12' is still fair
, namely dbi and fire about what will happen with our remaining property line windows that are left. we would appreciate cooperation in that regard. we would like to continue to support the project, we would hope to be able to. >> thank you very much. calling up a couple more speakers. [ reading speakers' names ] >> good afternoon commissioners. i have been coming to this podium to speak on this topic since dwight alexander was president of the commission. so you can call me snaggletooth today. a lot of things that were said today by the project sponsor's architect are true and factual. tom gave me a call and he got an email from director ram saying that we would like you to participate in a conference with judge bieler. the judge is a good communicator and we sat down and gave the project sponsor a simple framework. and after a couple of back and forth we watched the last commission hearing, we watched it a few times. we took notes of everything that you said. and we gave those notes and comment back to the project sponsor, because we're not experts. you are experts also and i'm cu
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 73 (some duplicates have been removed)